Natural Innovation is specialised in incubating and facilitating collaborative innovation labs and networks. We partner with governments, business, civil-society organisations and multilateral institutions to develop strategies that foster thriving innovation eco-systems.


How we can support you

  • curating and convening partners into a new innovation lab or network
  • co-creating your collaborative innovation lab methodology and strategy
  • facilitating innovation programs, workshops and retreats
  • building your team’s collaborative innovation skills
  • tracking and sharing the impact of your collaborative innovation programs

Current Projects

Incubating an Energy Lab in Africa
Labcraft - book and learning community

Labs we supported

  • financelab
  • auditfutures
  • campaignlab
  • impact-hub-logo
  • nile-project-logo-blue-orange-shadow
  • ttf

  • icecairo

  • kufunda
  • foam

We have also worked with

The European Commission, The European Parliament, Siemens Energy Belgium, GIZ, Caritas, ICAEW, WWF-UK, Procter & Gamble Egypt, Microsoft Egypt, The American Chamber of Commerce Egypt, Asia-Europe Foundation, Hivos, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), The Institute of Noetic Sciences