Emergent Leaders Confluence // The Art of Co-Creating Our Future

We are living in an era of unprecedented complexity and rapid change. As the next generation of innovators, change agents, and conscious leaders we need to prototype new forms of collective engagement, create synergy and learning across multiple domains. We need for new forms of collaborative leadership and a willingness to work together as never before. This daylong intensive is a container for collective inquiry and we will be supporting each other to take our projects, leadership, and facilitation to the next level.

Join us at CIIS in San Francisco on July 12th for The Emergent Leaders Confluence – The Art of Co-creating Our Future

When: July 12th 2014, 10am-5pm, plus self hosted happy hour and dinner
Where: California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Who: Hosted by Dana Pearlman, Simone Tiesinga-Poutnik, Jeff Aitken and Laura Reddick
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Labcraft: The First Book on Labs by Labs

Lab Craft Flyer

We are so excited and proud to bring Labcraft into the world. The first book on labs is produced by Natural Innovation and Hivos and was co-written by twelve people representing eight labs from around the world in four days. Originally we had envisaged that each lab would write up their own story, followed by a joint conclusion. Yet, the booksprint process produced something quite different…

The book will be released in July. Sign up for updates here and stay tuned at  www.labcraft.co

Co-authoring labs: The eLabThe Finance Innovation LabinCompass Human-Centered Innovation LabInSTEDDKennisland’s Education PioneersLa 27e RégionNatural InnovationUnicef’s Innovations Lab, Kosovo


Workshop on Social Innovation Labs, 9th of May, Warwick University, UK

social lab invitationWe excited to invite you to a one-day workshop on exploring the emerging field of social innovation labs that we are organising in collaboration with the Warwick Business School. 

The workshop will provide a participatory environment to learn from leading developers and facilitators of social innovation labs and ecosystems from around the world. At the workshop they will share their insights from a preceding collaborative writing workshop on the theme. The day is aimed at building a bridge between (doctoral) researchers and practitioners in the field of social innovation. Specifically focusing on the practices that are used by social innovation labs.

Contributing labs are The Finance Innovation LabUnicef Innovation LabLa 27e RegionKennislandHuman Centered Design Innovation LabInSTEDD and the eLab. To read the full invitation click here. You can register online here.

The Art of Hosting Advanced Practice Course

In collaboration with our colleague Rowan from Upstream we created the first ever Art of Hosting advanced online programme.  The first edition is taking place March – June 2014 We will most likely run another edition in the fall. Check out our video and website below to learn more, and join our news list to receive info about the next edition.

Accelerate your hosting practice and transformative impact in the world! This leadership program follows a unique experiential design where you’re invited to learn online and apply ‘offline’ in your own context, whether that is in business, public sector or civil-society. Online seminars, real life case-studies, peer learning groups, hosting opportunities and individual practices will help you to develop your hosting practice step-by-step. For more info go to http://aoh-ap.com

The Art of Hosting Collaborative Innovation, 6-8 Dec 2013 – San Francisco

In collaboration with IONS NextGEN and the Impact Hub Oakland we organized a unique weekend experience combining training, practice, collaboration and development in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Art of Hosting Collaborative Innovation from Fertl on Vimeo.

We brought together an engaged community of next generation leaders to:

  • Develop shared skills in cross-boundary leadership and innovation
  • Grow our ideas and projects, and create connections across boundaries
  • Build the foundations of a community of practice that can grow together and shape the future.

We see that value and transformation are created at the intersections. That’s why we brought together leaders from different backgrounds, working in different domains, to create a container of dynamism and synergy that cuts across boundaries. Our wish is for this learning experience to be a catalyst of new co-creative ventures to support this emerging vision.

For more information: www.aohci.org

Accelerating National Collaboration on CSR in Egypt

On the 25th of March 2013 thirty CSR practitioners from twenty-five companies based in Egypt came together at the American Chamber of Commerce.  The day was organized by the CSR Committee of the AmCham and facilitated by Natural Innovation. The purpose of this meeting was to explore the current context for CSR in Egypt and identify main focus areas – within the business and in the communities they are supporting. The aim was to uncover opportunities and identify challenges for more collaboration between CSR practitioners and their projects and to share and learn from each other’s work.

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Multi-Stakeholder Knowledge Conference on Pastoralism in Northern Kenya

We were asked to design and facilitate a Multi-stakeholder process on the future of pastoralism in the Marsabit region in northern Kenya.

The purpose of this conference was to share knowledge and practices on pastoralists’ livelihood, to discuss new possibilities and alternatives for the future. The aim was to identify feasible new ways of working together and inform a new approach that all involved stakeholders could take into their work and life.

The process was divided in two phases. In November 2012 a small group traveled to six of the pastoralist communities in Marsabit. The field trip was to gather the wisdom and insights from  tribal community members about past, present and future resilience practices. In each location a process was facilitated that allowed women, youth and men to reflect and share among themselves and then with the whole. The findings were gathered, summarised in a report and shared at the knowledge conference in January.

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Fields for Transformation Workshop Series

For the past four years we have been part of developing Tasting the Future as a project. The biggest area of learning has been about the process of transformation – shifting not only what we do but how we do it. Together as the core team of Tasting the Future we have created a source document describing how we work together. Through the process of articulating what we most care for and the value we want to add in the world, we created this workshop series to share our learning and invite people to contribute their experience of working with and being in deep transformation.

‘Leadership has focused primarily on getting things done by focusing on the intellectual and pragmatic aspects of our work, we forget that a movement can only be successful when people have genuine relationships in which they feel valued and empowered’ (Zimmerman et al. (2010) Movement Strategy Centre)

Our three workshops were designed to explore some of the core elements of what it takes to change the way we work together. Our question for this series of workshops was:  What shifts in our own work practices and relationships will better support the movement towards a sustainable food system?

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Participatory Change in the European Parliament

In April and May 2012 we worked together with two colleagues – Rainer von Leoprechting and Mary-Alice Arthur – on a collaborative inquiry with the European Parliament exploring how to  make the work of the European Parliament more efficient and meaningful. What was unique about this work, was that rather than us designing and hosting the 3 day conference, our role was to train and coach the staff members to facilitate their colleagues.

A group of about twenty staff was selected and we had 2 days to train them on how to facilitate their ca. 300 colleagues from all different units of their directorate in sharing their insights and thinking together about areas of improvement for the organisation.

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AuditFutures: Systemic Innovation in the UK’s Audit Profession

Starting early 2012 we have start working with the Finance Innovation Lab and the Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales  to develop a new program of collaborative work called Audit Futures on rethinking the role of the audit profession in post-financial crisis world.

“The goal of the AuditFutures initiative is to create a space that currently does not exist, to ask big questions about the future of the audit profession. It aims at creating opportunities for dialogue between stakeholders who normally do not talk to one another, and at building relationships, trust and greater understanding between those stakeholders. This proven approach will create an opportunity for collaborative and creative solutions to emerge.”

Together with Myrgan we hosted the first assembly in June 2012. Over 120 diverse stakeholders participated in this one day event. You can get a impression of the day by reading this great harvest document.  This assembly was the first in a series of events aimed at identifying and incubating collaborative projects that can help transition the profession to a more innovative and sustainable future. For more news and future updates about AuditFutures check out the AuditFutures website.